New FW011 and variants of FW010
2016-08-14 18:54:04
In the downloads section you will now find new variants of FW010 that you can try if you experience problems with the older FW010 on your system. These FW files have the same functionality as the older FW010, but since they give different routing inside the FPGA, they may help you avoid problems with FW010 that you did not experience on FW009.

Also in the downloads section are files for FW011 with extra routing variants. New in this FW is that the superblitter FIFO has been increased from 512 longwords to 2048, i.e. it can now hold 4 times as many blitter jobs. Also added a simple free running debug counter that counts at the CT60 clock frequency. This can be use for timing stuff very accurately.
Updated Natcar
2016-07-25 20:31:29
We have a bugfix for Natcar that enables the Jaguar gamepads. They where accidentally disabled in the first preview. You need to download the whole zip again.
2016-07-13 21:19:32
We have just added a demo of our first SuperVidel game to the downloads section! It is a Supercars inspired racing game with 1, 2 or 4 players support, using keyboard, joysticks or jaguar gamepads. Currently there are 7 race tracks in the championship. The game has only been tested under Mint 1.17, and requires a partition with long filename support. For other requirements, see readme.txt in

Happy playing! :)
Svethlana driver source code
2016-04-28 19:47:47
The source files for the new Svethlana driver are now available in the Downloads section.
New SV FW v010 and Svethlana driver
2016-04-26 21:55:41
We have finally connected the Svethlana using DMA to the DDR2 RAM! This enables us to use 64 packet buffers in each direction, instead of the old 2, which gives you a great speed increase. Tests using
wget -O /dev/null
used to give us 70KB/s, but now we get 1.5MB/s! You need both the new FW v010 and the new Svethlana driver, both on the Downloads page. Note that the FW is available as both straight MCS-files (in a ZIP-file for use under Xilinx Impact) and as our own SVUPD010.APP for updating without JTAG dongle. Note also that the driver has only been tested under Mint 1.17.0, and we have indications that it may need recompiling under newer Mint versions to work there. We will make the source code available here soonish.
SVUPD including FW v009
2016-03-16 19:37:51
We just added the SuperVidel firmware updater SVUPD with built in FW v009 to the Downloads section.

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